How to Save On Your Dumpster Rental in Huntersville NC

Construction &demolition projects produce a lot of waste, so it is recommended to go for a dumpster rental in Huntersville NC to dispose of large amounts of building or demolition waste safely and conveniently. However, renting a dumpster is no affordable affair. At Regency Recycling Corp, we comprehend that you want to save on your dumpster rental and that is why here we are going to share a few tips that you can use to save on your next dumpster rental.

Pick the right dumpster size:

It is no surprise that the smaller the dumpster, the lower the rental cost. However, you must keep in mind that renting a dumpster that is too small in size may necessitate a longer rental period which eventually results in a higher rental cost.

Here at Regency Recycling Corp, we offer 10yd,15yd, 20yd and 30yd dumpster for rent, so you really are spoiled for choice. For industrial waste removal, we’ve 10yd containers. Also, we offer 10, 20, and 30yd bins for commercial trash purposes.

Our smaller containers are the perfect way of disposing of wastes created by small DIY jobs or room clearances, whilst our bigger containers can accommodate large items like doors and radiators and a much greater total volume of trash. With us, it is very easy to choose the right dumpster size and avoid more dumpster rental afterwards at additional expenses.

Don’t throw prohibited items into your dumpster:

Nobody wants to be fined! You may have to pay additional fees if you throw prohibited stuff into the dumpster. You must avoid throwing items like refrigerators, tyres, unsealed oil, paint cans, asbestos roofing sheets, etc.

Avoid overloading your dumpster:

It is critical not to overload your container, as it has to be safely lifted & removed from your property. An overload container may also result in the vehicle surpassing its legal weight limit, which can attract a hefty fine for the driver. This is why dumpster rental firms reserve the right to reject collection or add extra charges if your bin is filled beyond the top of the container.

Avoid renting a dumpster for a long time period:

While a dumpster rental in Huntersville NC for a long time period may look like a cost-saving deal, you have to pay extra for that luxury. Keep in mind that you may not have to make use of the container for longer than a few days! Here at Regency Recycling Corp, we can help you decide what length of dumpster rental will best suit your project. Call us now for our dumpster rental quote!