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On-site Storage Container Rental for Contractors in NY, NJ, CT, PA

Construction Storage Container Rental

Construction storage container rental can save money, time and attention for equipment-heavy construction companies that handle roofing, stonework, plumbing, masonry, electrical engineering, etc. carrying heavy tools and equipment to a job site day-to-day wastes time and gasoline, and therefore, money. Having everything on site during the entire project also stretches the actual work time in the day, which helps your floor line and schedule. Renting an on-site portable storage container for your work materials and equipment is an easy, effective alternative.

Basic Information on Storage Containers for Construction Sites

To make sure that letting a safe-keeping container is a smart pick for your construction site, you need to evaluate a few things. It’s the foreman or contractor’s obligation to ensure that the proper equipment is readily available on site. When choosing construction site storage containers, three factors need to be examined – that it’s large more than enough to hold all of your machines, that it’s safe and secure, and that it’s weather resistant.

storage container rental

Container Sizes

10’ 15’ 20’ 25’ 40’

Standard Storage Containers

Standard width storage containers are ideal for keeping valuable materials, inventory and equipment safe and protected from the elements.

Product options:

18’ 25’

Extra-Wide Storage Containers

Mobile Mini has extra-wide storage and shipping container types for your records, documents, materials, inventory and more.

Product options:

10’ 18’ 20’ 25’ 40’

Tunnel Storage Containers

With doors at both ends, access couldn’t be easier making your stored items readily available when you need them.

Product options:

Regency Recycling’s’ storage containers are made tough

Regency Recycling storage containers for your Construction Site

Regency Recycling’s has three storage container sizes – 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft jumbo. The illustrations or photos below detail the size details for the storage containers so you can assess which is right for your heavy machinery, engineering equipment, heavy trucks, construction equipment, heavy hydraulics, heavy vehicles, etc.

Regency Recycling’s’ storage containers are made tough, so you can with ease be sure your costly construction equipment will be risk-free. Made of 14-Gauge Steel, they come with a heavy-duty exterior lock. We also advise using equipment and lighting to have your construction site lighted to ward off vandals, trespassers, and thieves in standard.

Because Regency Recycling’s’ construction site containers are designed of metallic, they’re durable and temperature resistant. So long as you lock it solidly, you can be self-assured that your equipment will be safe from thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards or heat waves. Our content storage container rental for engineering sites are even fire immune.

Regency Recycling’s delivers our storage container rental straight to your site

Why Choose Regency Recycling For Your On-site Storage Container Rentals?

You have determined that a construction site container is the perfect solution for your next building project. Now let us address why you will need to pick Regency Recycling’s for that storage unit.

Convenience is the first reason. Regency Recycling’s delivers our storage container rental straight to your site. Whether your project is in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Delaware, our storage container experts will bring the storage unit to whatever location you need. With this in mind you can call Regency today for your next storage container rental.

Second, Regency Recycling’s’ storage containers are larger and more affordable than the opposition. In other words, PODs largest container is smaller than our smallest container. If you break down the price per square foot of those two models, Regency Recycling’s is a small part of the price of PODs. Why pay more for less space?

For more details about examine Regency Recycling’s to PODs, see our contrast chart. To point out Regency Recycling’s has been in the storage container community for more than 30 years. We have the know-how and team you need for a great rental knowledge.

Not sure what size storage container
rental you need?

These sizing’s and dimensions will help. To establish if your heavy machinery will fit in one of our storage container rentals, look at the height for the item. In conclusion our 40ft Jumbo Container is more than 9 feet tall, so it will fit a standard-size forklift comfortably.

Width is some other factor to consider. Most heavy equipment is about 4-7 feet wide, which will fit inside any of our on-site storage container units if the height is suitable for your needs.

Most importantly if your still not sure which storage container you need call our customer care experts. They’ll suggest the options that work best for your budget, project, and room.

So Regency Recycling’s saves you time and money, is simpler and our construction job site storage containers are larger and more cost-effective than other brands. What else do you need?

storage container rental

40 ft. Storage
Container for Rent

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Providing commercial collection services for thousands of customers and properties such as condominiums, town homes, apartment communities, office buildings, hotels, malls, schools and stores.



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