Tips & Tricks to Clean and Organize the House of A Hoarder

Cleaning and sorting the house or property of a hoarder can feel like an intimidating job. When there is a big amount of trash and clutter, clearing out everything can feel impractical. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make your job a whole lot easier.

Be ready and bring the correct supplies:

Dealing with a hoarding situation needs more supplies and preparation than your typical spring-cleaning task. Prior to getting started, ensure you come ready with the right supplies:

  • Manpower: This is a task that can’t be handled alone. It is necessary to have other keen partakers so you can keep the project moving forward.
  • Masks, gloves, pants, and long sleeves:  You may come across filthy & perhaps risky materials while cleaning the property. Ensure to put on protective clothing & gear to maintain safety during the process.
  • Dumpster: With a hoarding situation, it makes sense to have a dumpster rental in Richmond Hill NY from a reputable service provider like Regency Recycling Corp. This not just lets the hoarder make instant & actionable decisions, but it also eliminates the stress of transporting & discarding junk.

Clear out the junk first:

The 1st step in any hoarder home cleanup is to get rid of trash and junk. Relying upon the strictness of the hoarding circumstance, the majority of the trash might need to be disposed of for safety reasons.

This is why it is recommended to get ready with a dumpster from Regency Recycling Corp. This will make quick work of an extensive & compressive cleanout.

Clean and sanitize your floors and surfaces:

After many years of hoarding, the floors & surfaces in your home will perhaps be covered in the wreckage, even after you clean all the junk. It is recommended to appoint pro cleaners to clean, sanitize and steam your floors and carpet.

Replace furniture and fabrics:

Once the cleaning process is over, you will want to appraise the condition of the furniture & mattresses. Soft & plush surfaces like beds, sofas, and even curtains soak odours, mold, and dirt in more permanent ways than hard surfaces such as quartz, plastic, and laminate. When in hesitation, throw it out! You don’t wish to keep infested items in a clean & sanitized house. This is another reason it is so useful to have a dumpster rental right on-site!

Regency Recycling Corp offers quality dumpster rental in Richmond Hill NY. We have dumpsters in multiple sizes to meet the requirements of any cleanout! For any rental-related help, reach out to us at (718) 525-7100!