How to Make Your Home Renovation Dumpster Rental Easy

When demolishing or renovating out rooms prior to remodelling, you’ll produce a massive amount of trash. In the majority of the communities sending construction materials such as metal, lumber, glass and gypsum with your weekly waste service isn’t permitted.

A great option for mid-to large-scale house renovation projects is renting a dumpster from renowned dumpster rental service providers like Regency Recycling Corp.

However, to make your Regency dumpster rental experience smoother for your home remodelling project, we would like to share a few tips that you must have a good look at.

You may require a permit:

Your local parking enforcement officers can provide you with info regarding permits required if you’re parking the dumpster on the street. If you’ve space to put it on your own property, please do it. Because by doing so you’ll have no concerns regarding tickets, fines, or permits.

Keep the area in front of the dumpster clear:

Whether the dumpster is going on the street or your property, the truck dropping off & picking up the bin requires space to manoeuvre. There’s nothing worse than having a furious truck driver call because he can’t back in.

Most probably, the container simply won’t get picked up. At best, you’ll be only delayed for many days. At worst, the dumpster firm will charge you extra for the drive-by.

Which dumpster size should I rent?

You’ll almost certainly require a dumpster one size larger than you assume you need. Drywall, scrap wood, carpeting – all of these trash materials take up the volume. Rock, dirt and concrete have more weight than volume and generally, you can only fill the container quarter full.

A 10-yarder dumpster will not get you very far in the event you’re doing any large home renovation work. At best, you can utilize it for tearing out a small bathroom.

A 20-yarder is the minimum size dumpster you should ever get. This would accommodate the trash from a small kitchen or the full bathroom without stuffing and crushing.

A 30-yarder fits in front of most homes without a lot of complaints from neighbours. You can fit wood, drywall and carpeting without much trouble. However, if you’re discarding rock or concrete, you’ll require a larger dumpster since you can’t fill the bin up pretty high.

A 40-yarder dumpster is a monster roll-off specially designed for major, whole-house remodelling work.

Whatever dumpster size you need for your planned home remodelling project, we have it at our disposal. For quick and convenient Regency dumpster rental, call us now on (718) 525 7100!