5 Things to Consider When Disposing of Construction Debris

Construction waste is a serious problem. Not only does it take up space that could be used for something more productive, but it also gets in the way of the construction projects themselves. Construction waste can be dangerous, too – especially when it’s not disposed of properly.

To make sure you’re doing your part to keep construction sites clean and safe, here are 5 tips for the proper disposal of construction waste:

Know What You Can and Can’t Dispose Of:

There are some items that can be recycled and reused, but there are also items that need to be disposed of properly to prevent environmental damage. If you aren’t sure what goes where check with your local recycling center or waste management company before tossing any item into a landfill or dumpster.

Use Recycled Materials:

If possible, try using recycled materials instead of buying new ones and contributing more waste to landfills or dumpsites. Many companies sell products made from recycled materials at reasonable prices; if you’re on a budget but want to do something good for the environment, these may be just what you need!

Keep your construction site clean and organized:

Always keep your construction site clean and organized so that no one gets hurt by tripping over items left out in the open. When disposing of materials like wood scraps or metal pieces, make sure they don’t contain any nails or other sharp objects that could injure someone else later on (or even your own workers!).

Donate excess materials

If you’re a contractor, you know how easy it is to accumulate construction waste. Whether you’re working on a construction or demolition site, or on renovations and remodels in your own home, it’s likely that you have a lot of excess materials that are just taking up space.

Donating these materials can be a great way to get them out of your way and put them to good use. It’s also a win for the environment—instead of adding more trash to landfills and becoming another strain on overloaded recycling systems, you’ll be helping others while reducing your carbon footprint.

Use a dumpster:

When it comes time to haul away trash from your work site, look into using a dumpster rental in Long Island City instead of hiring a private trash removal company. At Regency Recycling Corporation, we have some of the most competitive rates in the area. We are experienced and can help you with any aspect of your construction waste removal needs.