Reduce Waste Today

Reduce Waste Today With Regency Recycling Corp

NU recycles more than 1,800 tons of the 5,300 tons of waste generated annually, representing a 34 percent diversion rate. While this is a great start, let’s get our recycling numbers up and waste figure down! Eliminating the amount of waste you put in the landfill lowers greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy usage and methane generation. Evanston and Chicago have fantastic recycling programs and make it simple to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Reuse It

Reduce Waste Today – use reusable water bottles, shopping bags, mugs, utensils, and plates whenever possible. Designate an area in your home or office to collect extra materials, such as scrap paper, office supplies, or clothes to be reused by peers.

NU Owned-Reusable Equipment, Electronics, or Furniture can be reused. The Surplus Property Exchange is an online bulletin board where NU departments can list useable surplus University property. If a significant quantity of furniture is being replaced/removed, please reach out at least a month in advance. The Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse (ERW)accepts reclaimed building materials from deconstruction, renovation, and remodeling projects for resale at their warehouse. When donating items be sure to have the receiver complete the NU Indemnification Agreement.

Pass It On

Reduce Waste Today – Consider donating items that you do not want or need anymore such as:

Check out Move Out & Donating Reusables for default margin size more donation options.


It’s easy! Just keep a recycling bin next your trash can.

  • Need a refresher of what you can recycle at NU?
  • Learn more about Evanston’s and Chicago’s recycling practices.
  • Plastic bags can be dropped off at the recycling hub on the bottom floor of Norris during the school year, given to your Eco-Rep, or recycled at grocery stores, such as Evanston’s Jewel Osco and Whole Foods.
  • TerraCycle collects and reuses SOLO cups, writing utensils, and other non-recyclable plastics.

Eliminate e-waste

e-waste = electronic waste, such as computers, phones, microwaves, monitors, etc.

  • Dispose of electronics (e-waste) properly with NU’s computer and electronic recycling program.
  • Drop off your electronics through Evanston’s electronic recycling program, which includes batteries and fluorescent bulbs.
  • Chicago has a Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility drop-off location.

Shop Less

  • Don’t buy what you don’t need and share or swap with others. When you do shop, avoid products with a lot of packaging and pass if you don’t need a bag for your items.

Buy Recycled

When you must buy, consider the materials that make the product:

  • Buy refurbished or recycled-content products.
  • Look for a high percentage of post-consumer content. “Post-consumer” materials have reached their end use and been collected from homes and businesses as opposed to scrap from within the manufacturing process.

Don’t Print

  • View course materials online and use Dropbox or Google drive to share documents and save paper. Rent or purchase online textbooks through Amazon or CourseSmart. If you must print, then conserve paper and ink by printing double-sided, in black and white, and reduce the default margin size of paper.

Junk It

  • Stop receiving junk mail by going to Catalog Choice or contact the company/organization/vendor directly to opt for paperless communication.